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Our work together will begin with you defining the kind of life you want to live. I am going to coach you to dream big, and have you thoughtfully answer questions that will help make sure your real estate decisions and the home you buy will match the life you want.

My sole focus is ensuring your happiness - and this starts with an understanding of what YOU want. This upfront work ensures you purchase the ideal home for your lifestyle (and budget!).

Most real estate agents don’t approach home buying this way.

It’s important to delve deeper than the typical “How many bedrooms do you need?” questions. My detailed process will allow us to hone in on just the right home more efficiently while having way more FUN doing it together.

Detailed questions about needs and desires give you the opportunity to think carefully about what you want this next step in your life to be like. Your honest answers to these questions are what should drive your home search.

I will be your advocate, guide and partner, helping you through one of life's biggest financial decisions. We will work to crystallize your needs and goals and use a step by step process to help you to reach them. I pro-actively pursue out-of-the-box strategies so you can find your next home with ease.

When you work with me, I am determined to find you not just a home, but the right home for you at this point in your life. We will use my special tools including:

1. The flow of the market - You can use the ebb and flow to your advantage. I'll show you how.

2. The two-hour rule
- You only need 2 hours a week to find your next perfect home. Let's go shopping!

3. The three bucket strategy
- We'll balance budget, location and features.

4.  The MLS is NOT our only source - I will use a number of techniques to find not only the MLS' searchable homes, but also private sale, exclusive and coming soon properties to make sure you get just what you want.

I can't wait to hear about your next happy place! Let's sit down together and talk about just what is possible. Click on the link below to get direct access to my calendar OR send me an email

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